Munca prelungita in pozitia ortostatica pe suprafete dure produce oboseala si creste riscul aparitiei afectiunilor musculo-scheletale si ale sistemului circulator. Acest lucru se intampla datorita presiunii pe care sistemul musculo-scheletal o suporta.

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Scaunele ergonomice industriale sunt proiectate sa faciliteze o pozitie corecta de lucru pe scaun pentru a preveni posibilele accidente profesionale si afectiuni ale spatelui, gatului, umerilor sau mainilor, oferind in acelasi timp soliditate si rezistenta in timp.

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Scaunele ergonomice BQE va ajuta sa preveniti mialgii, ischemii si necroze musculare, hernierea si degenerarea discurilor vertebrale si alte tipuri de afectiuni musculo-scheletale, educandu-va totodata in asumarea permanenta a unei posturi sanatoase.

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Accesorii pardoseli modulare

Accesorii pardoseli modulare
  • Accesorii pardoseli modulare
  • Accesorii pardoseli modulare
  • Accesorii pardoseli modulare
  • Accesorii pardoseli modulare
  • Accesorii pardoseli modulare

Floor tile accessories from Ecotile

  • Cleaning and Maintenance products
  • Logo and floor marking tiles
  • PVC-U skirting boards
  • Ramps, corners and diminishing strips for Ecotile

Cleaning and maintenance products

ecotile cleaning and maintenance packs have been designed to make sure that you get the best from your ecotile floor.

Using our products regularly will ensure that your flooring maintains all of the performance, looks and durability of a hardwearing vinyl floor, and we recommend that you order a pack with your new floor.

Choose from either the ecotile general purpose maintenance starter pack or the ecotile ESD maintenance starter pack. A member of our sales team will be on hand to ensure that you choose the right products for your flooring system and you will be able to order extra materials of the individual cleaning products from us in the future.

Logo and floor marking tiles

We can incorporate almost any logo or image you require into your ecotile floor, creating permanent and highly visual signs and messages into your flooring.

From company branding to signage and demarcation zones, our team are on hand to discuss how we can provide you with the exact bespoke flooring solution for your individual requirements.

Our logo tiles are manufactured using a CNC water laser jet cutting technique. This creates a clean and precise design of exceptional durability in the following colours:

Black, light grey, dark grey, green, blue, red, yellow and white

We can also print logos, pictures and almost any design onto the tiles using a hard wearing printing technique.

PVC-U skirting boards

ecotile PVC-U skirting boards are the perfect way to finish your interlocking floor tile installation. Our boards are the ultimate no hassle, no maintenance, easy fit and cost effective way to add the essential finishing touch to your ecotile installation.

No more time-consuming sanding and messy painting of timber skirting boards or architraves, and no tricky mitring of corner joints. The wipe-clean surface means your room trims will stay looking clean and fresh for life.

Key features

  • Maintenance-free: PVC-U is maintenance-free. Any scuffs can simply be wiped off
  • Colour options: Dark Grey
  • Sizes available: Skirting board: 100mm high x 15mm deep x 2.5m long
  • Accessories: Internal Corner Section, External Corner Section, Skirting in-line joint moulding section

Ramps, Corners and Diminishing Strips for Ecotile

To finish off exposed tiles safely in doorways or round free standing areas the E500/5, E500/7 and E500/10 tiles are available with connecting ramps and corners in the same colours as the tiles. They can be fitted quickly and easily in the same way that the tiles interlock creating a safe edge for pedestrians and vehicles to move on and off the ecotile floor. For the E500/6 range we supply PVC diminishing strips available in light grey, dark grey and black. These are stuck to the edge of the tiles and the floor to create a safe edge.