Munca prelungita in pozitia ortostatica pe suprafete dure produce oboseala si creste riscul aparitiei afectiunilor musculo-scheletale si ale sistemului circulator. Acest lucru se intampla datorita presiunii pe care sistemul musculo-scheletal o suporta.

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Scaunele ergonomice industriale sunt proiectate sa faciliteze o pozitie corecta de lucru pe scaun pentru a preveni posibilele accidente profesionale si afectiuni ale spatelui, gatului, umerilor sau mainilor, oferind in acelasi timp soliditate si rezistenta in timp.

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Scaunele ergonomice BQE va ajuta sa preveniti mialgii, ischemii si necroze musculare, hernierea si degenerarea discurilor vertebrale si alte tipuri de afectiuni musculo-scheletale, educandu-va totodata in asumarea permanenta a unei posturi sanatoase.

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Scaun ergonomic CorrectSit CM

Scaun ergonomic CorrectSit CM 1
  • Scaun ergonomic CorrectSit CM 1
  • Scaun ergonomic CorrectSit CM 2
  • Scaun ergonomic CorrectSit CM 3

A backrest support

The CM-execution of the CorrectSit is provided with a larger back support. Due to a special suspension the back support fits in the right place of the lower back and is very comfortable.

Tilt adjustment

Also in this model, you can tilt your seat position and clamp into any position. Something back for a relaxed or more for a more active posture.


Great for multiple users at the same workplace, dental laboratory practice, ok room, drawing, optometry, etc.

We are happy to assist you in choosing the right model and optimal settings that fit your body type and work environment best. 

Adjustment options:

- Seat height 47cm - 91cm (depending on the selected height of the gas cylinder)

- Seat tilt (for the model with the tilting mechanism)

- Depth of lumbar support (lumbar pressure)

- Height of lumbar support

Your Height: Piston height:  Seat height: 
(measured from seat top (center) in most backward tilted position)
< 1.60m # 19: 47cm – 56cm
1.60 – 1.90m Standard: 53cm – 69cm
> 2.00 m # 37: 65cm – 91cm
1.60 – 1.75m    Foot control 23:   47cm – 60cm   
1.75 – 1.95m  Foot control 31:   54cm – 73cm  
Gas cylinder cover available upon request


Floor:   Prevent floor damage by choosing: 
Carpet:     carpet wheels   
Stone of tile:   Free rolling wheels (60mm) 
Wood:  Free rolling wheels (60mm)
Linoleum:    Free rolling wheels (60mm)


For safety reasons the CorrectSit is standard delivered with weight-free braking wheels (55mm). There is a possibility that these wheels may affect certain types of floors, in particular top coatings of certain linoleum floors can be susceptible to damage due to these wheel types.

Standaard kleur zwart 

Standard upholstery: Black Sirona (proline 211).

Our stools and chairs are upholstered with Stamskin, Proline or Trendline materials:

  • Smooth, durable and color tight artificial leather texture 
  • Resistant to water, blood, perspiration moist and mold or mildew stains 
  • Approved conform international fire safety regulations 
  • Suitable for environments that require strict hygiene



Custom colors upon request.

Stamskin and Proline are available in many colors upon request. Trendline is a much smoother material and we don't recomment this upholstery for the CorrectSit CM.

Color chart Stamskin

Color chart Proline 2011(Sirona)

Color chart Fashionline 2011

The CorrectSit CM can be delivered with:

Armsteun BQE01

Arm rest BQE 01:

Adjustable in height and width. Revolving armpads.

Available as a pair or as a single piece (left or right).

Attaches to the chair with a specific connection piece. 

 Armsteun BQE02

Arm rest BQE 02

Adjustable in height and width.

Arm pad rotates 360°, and telescopes in and out.

Available as a pair or as a single piece (left = right).

For Dynamic, CorrectSit, CorrectSit CM and ErgoSolex.  



Fixation piece for arm rest BQE 01 and BQE 02.

Easy to self install. For ComfortMove chairs the coupling is not necessary.
 Hoekstuk Angle piece
Completing piece for arm rest BQE 02.

Positions arm rest in a variety of angles.
Voetring Foot ring
  Automatic foot control


                                               your length:    
  1.60–1.75m.    foot control 23: 49cm – 62cm.  
  1.75–1.95m.  foot control 31:   56cm – 75cm



The vinyl upholstery can be cleaned with a soft brush and soft soap. 

Do not use cleaners that contain more than 3% alcohol or oil products, it can effect the flexibility of the upholstery.

We advise the use of the DKL and Schulke cleaning products.


It's best to clean the wheels monthly from dust, hair or other particles that can prevent the caster from rolling freely. The wheel can also be cleaned with a brush and soft soap.