Munca prelungita in pozitia ortostatica pe suprafete dure produce oboseala si creste riscul aparitiei afectiunilor musculo-scheletale si ale sistemului circulator. Acest lucru se intampla datorita presiunii pe care sistemul musculo-scheletal o suporta.

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Scaunele ergonomice industriale sunt proiectate sa faciliteze o pozitie corecta de lucru pe scaun pentru a preveni posibilele accidente profesionale si afectiuni ale spatelui, gatului, umerilor sau mainilor, oferind in acelasi timp soliditate si rezistenta in timp.

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Scaunele ergonomice BQE va ajuta sa preveniti mialgii, ischemii si necroze musculare, hernierea si degenerarea discurilor vertebrale si alte tipuri de afectiuni musculo-scheletale, educandu-va totodata in asumarea permanenta a unei posturi sanatoase.

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Pardoseli modulare E500/7

Pardoseli modulare E500/7 smooth
  • Pardoseli modulare E500/7 smooth
  • Pardoseli modulare E500/7 yellow smooth
  • Pardoseli modulare E500/7 red smooth
  • Pardoseli modulare E500/7 raised disk dark blue
  • Pardoseli modulare E500/7 light grey raised disk
  • Pardoseli modulare E500/7 black smooth
  • Pardoseli modulare E500/7 dark grey raised disk
  • Pardoseli modulare E500/7 dark grey smooth

E500/7 floor tiles from Ecotile – the world’s number one interlocking flooring providers

ecotile 500/7 – the original loose lay interlocking tile

ecotile 500/7 is the original loose lay interlocking floor tile. It is 7mm thick with an open joint dovetail design. Ideal for the vast majority of applications, ecotile 500/7 is a heavy duty floor covering that can withstand high point loading, impact and vibration. Ideal for heavy foot and vehicle traffic including fork lift trucks (as a guide up to 3.5 ton unladen weight).

Also available as ESD/conductive version, refer to the ESD Flooring page>>

If in doubt please contact your sales representative and / or check out the ecotile extra heavy duty 500/10 tile. Hard Wearing: ecotile 500/7 is the world’s number one interlocking floor tile manufactured from hard wearing 100% recyclable PVC. The tiles are guaranteed for 10 years and in the unlikely event that a tile is damaged it can be lifted and replaced in a matter of minutes.

Easy to Install:

ecotile 500/7 can be installed without the requirement for a damp proof membrane, screed or adhesive significantly reducing VOC emissions, installation time and cost.


ecotile 500/7 is injection moulded using compound that has excellent wear characteristics, chemical resistance, long-term stability and stable electrical properties.

  • 10 year Product W arranty


Designed to cope with heavy vehicle and fork lift truck traffic, ecotile offers good thermal and acoustic insulation and excellent resistance to impact and vibration.

  • Factories & Warehouses • Railway Stations & Airports
  • Shops & Offices • Schools & Colleges
  • Garages & Workshops • Exhibitions & Point of Sale
  • Sports & Leisure Facilities • Prisons, Police & Fire Stations

ecotile 500/7, the leading choice of industrial and commercial premises across Europe for over 25 years.