Munca prelungita in pozitia ortostatica pe suprafete dure produce oboseala si creste riscul aparitiei afectiunilor musculo-scheletale si ale sistemului circulator. Acest lucru se intampla datorita presiunii pe care sistemul musculo-scheletal o suporta.

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Scaunele ergonomice industriale sunt proiectate sa faciliteze o pozitie corecta de lucru pe scaun pentru a preveni posibilele accidente profesionale si afectiuni ale spatelui, gatului, umerilor sau mainilor, oferind in acelasi timp soliditate si rezistenta in timp.

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Scaunele ergonomice BQE va ajuta sa preveniti mialgii, ischemii si necroze musculare, hernierea si degenerarea discurilor vertebrale si alte tipuri de afectiuni musculo-scheletale, educandu-va totodata in asumarea permanenta a unei posturi sanatoase.

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Pardoseli modulare E500/10

Pardoseli modulare E500/10

ecotile 500/10 floor tile – ultra heavy duty flooring

These ultra-heavy duty interlocking floor tiles are exceptionally tough, resistant to impact, heavy loads and high traffic movements. They are the highest specification tile we produce and, as with the entire range, are designed to be loose laid and therefore quick and simple to install.

ecotile 500/10 can be used to repair and protect busy warehouse and factory flooring where access time is limited. The 10mm tile is recommended for use in areas where heavier fork trucks, aisle stackers or narrow aisle trucks are used or where HGVs will be executing tight manoeuvres or rotating wheels whilst stationary.

ecotile 500/10 has also proven to be extremely successful in aircraft hangars and fire station pump room floors.

Composition & Manufacture

ecotile 500/10 is injection moulded using compound that has excellent wear characteristics, chemical resistance, and stable electrical properties.

Key Benefits

  • Extremely tough and hard wearing
  • Excellent resistance to impact and vibration
  • Protects the existing flooring from damage
  • No floor preparation or adhesive required
  • Low life cycle cost and easy to maintain
  • Good anti-slip properties
  • Suitable for floors that are subject to exceptionally heavy wear
  • Quick and simple to install so no downtime
  • Ideal for old, uneven, damp, oily or contaminated substrates
  • Insulates against cold, damp & noise


  • Engineering Plants
  • Passenger Terminals
  • Warehouses
  • Commercial Garages
  • Free Weights Areas
  • Fire Stations
  • Power Stations
  • Distribution Centres
  • Aircraft Hangars
  • Maintenance Depots

ecotile 500/10 floor tiles can be used almost anywhere. They are  the tile to specify if you have any concerns about the loads that will be travelling across the floor or the levels of impact they will be subject to.