Munca prelungita in pozitia ortostatica pe suprafete dure produce oboseala si creste riscul aparitiei afectiunilor musculo-scheletale si ale sistemului circulator. Acest lucru se intampla datorita presiunii pe care sistemul musculo-scheletal o suporta.

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Scaunele ergonomice industriale sunt proiectate sa faciliteze o pozitie corecta de lucru pe scaun pentru a preveni posibilele accidente profesionale si afectiuni ale spatelui, gatului, umerilor sau mainilor, oferind in acelasi timp soliditate si rezistenta in timp.

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Scaunele ergonomice BQE va ajuta sa preveniti mialgii, ischemii si necroze musculare, hernierea si degenerarea discurilor vertebrale si alte tipuri de afectiuni musculo-scheletale, educandu-va totodata in asumarea permanenta a unei posturi sanatoase.

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Line Marking Tape & Paint

COBA carries a wide range of line marking products for industrial and personal use. Our line marking tape is self-adhesive backed PVC material available in 50mm by 30 metre rolls. It comes in a variety of colourss including black, blue, green, red, and striped hazard. In addition, COBA carries non-adhesive polyethylene barrier tape, ideal for sectioning off construction sites or dangerous areas. Gripfoot tape is a durable, self-adhesive, abrasively surfaced tape used to give additional grip to slippery surfaces. It comes in 50mm by 18.3 metre or 50mm by 33 metre rolls available in red, blue, yellow, green, clear, hazard and luminous. Luminous gripfoot tape glows in the dark for extra safety in dark conditions. COBA carries two types of aerosol paint applicators, a hand-held applicator and a four wheel applicator for precision line marking. Aerosol paint is available in black, orange, green, white and yellow. It is appropriate for use on concrete, tarmac, wood and composite materials, both indoors and out. It is guaranteed CFC free and comes in 750 ml cans, six to a box.